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Abtech Precision

Abtech Precision Ireland Ltd was set up in 2001 by friends Brian Mc Nulty and Aidan Mullane. With a wealth of experience gained working as toolmakers in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and New Zealand the company founders identified a niche in the sector where there was a need for higher quality subcontract CNC component manufacturing to supply original equipment manufacturers and larger engineering companies throughout Ireland and the UK with excellent finished machined components in a wide range of metal materials. Abtech is also focused on the development of own product lines such as its range of drain cleaning sewer jet nozzles, and after-market quad products.


Abtech’s customers are companies that are involved in mechanical engineering based product manufacturing or subcontracting for the construction equipment, automotive and renewable technologies sectors. Examples of Abtech customers are the Burnside group based in Carlow Ireland, X-Engineering based in West Sussex, UK and large global operations such as Doosan. From a risk management point of view the company deliberately sets out to ensure that our customers are diverse in scale, operating in different sectors and from different locations so as to ensure that the company is not overly exposed to individual sectoral and geographic downturns. Abtech’s market size across Europe can be measured in billions and our success has been built on the realisation that the company only needs to capture a very small but growing percentage share of it.


At Abtech we believe there are three elements to being better than the competition and to achieving excellent customer satisfaction; technical design and manufacturing capability, lean staff training to achieve shorter response times, zero defects and 100% on-time delivery and responsive after-sales service.


Abtech deliberately made the considerable investment in 3 dimensional CAD design capability and CNC machine technology to enable it to differentiate itself from the competition and to provide a better service to its customers. The benefits of 3D CAD methods are significant in reducing project costs from design time, communicating design intent, exact accuracy and cleaner handover to production with less likelihood of error.


CNC allows for continuous 24/7 high throughput manufacturing, repeatability, dimensional stability and consistency of quality. From an on-going cost control perspective CNC allows for less skilled/trained operators unlike manual lathes / milling machines etc which need skilled engineers. One person can supervise many CNC machines as once machines are programmed they can usually be left to work by themselves with periodic inspection. Abtech continues to reinvest in the latest CNC and design technology which gives the company a very quick lead time from quote to prototype to production and enables it to stay ahead of its competitors allowing it to continually improve the service it provides to its customers.

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